Friday, November 28, 2008


Yestersday oh the big turkey day. We all get together and stuff overselves like the bird.
I love the little insights I sometimes get. We are all such mixed familes now. What are familes gatherings?( In today's moving ,traveling, divoricing world.) The thought I had from our gathering. One person in that room (while I was there) well this person was related to everyone . He has a rich family Two great grandmothers Two grandmothers One great uncle
one uncle one great aunt one aunt. One Grandfather One Dad one mom. I just thought what an amazing event. This little boy is so loved and cherished now. My greatest hope for him is in 20 years he will still be this loved. What a gift. Mr. Brice Lane

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Healing Totem

Some people have these rock formations all over there yards, they are protection and
abundance for the land. So on this Thanskgiving day, I am building my mental rock formation
to heal that which is within.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twin Rocks

This was the view of my weekend women's retreat. What a gift. Where we stayed is owned by Quakers . It took 5 years to get a weekend. My idea for going was to get some answers for my life. Very hard to meditate as my sister had a heart attack the morning I left, very stressful until I could find our how she was. . I met the most amazing woman I was so drawn to her. She works with abused and trauma victims. Her spirit was so bright she just had a glow about her. That may be the gift for my healing, just haven't put it together yet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Beauty of Water

This is a very peaceful picture. I seem to need many things to create the feeling of being at peace with myself. I believe the few moments of serenity I've had is this lifetime, is what keeps me seeking because I know what it feels like and I want more. Friday morning I am leaving for another beach retreat. I am at a crossroad (I need to make some big decisons .) So my hope is to receive some direction and guidance while I am away. so on with the healing path.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blast from the past

When our family moved to camas Washington many years ago, we would drive by this place ( was 20 years plus ago ). This place was a mansion, the best home anywhere. We all had our dreams around this place. As my children grew and started making there own lives,( one thing has been very important to them all.) Live in the counrty and a have a very nice home. My daughters both live in the country and one has her mansion. The other stills likes where she lives in the country.
I believe driving by planning and thinking about this place helped to be a treasure map for them all . We just never know what gifts we get along the way.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


An inexplicable new broad region auroral lights has been photgraphed at Saturns's polar caps.

This is totally new, I believe that this a great help being sent to us. More than most would
even realize. There are watchers and helpers who only appear when we are in great need. Some call them ascended masters. Some call them super angels ,whose task is only keep the energy supply for our world. I am celebrating this wonderful event.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is the season of returning, of going within. We habornate to renew our souls.
With spring we have new ideas to plant. We then ready ourselves for the harvest.
My heart feels calmer. Have I excepted what I cannot change? Also maybe the wisdom
to know that. So the journey of healing continues.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Looking for Hope

I do love seeing the trees so beautiful. I am asking and looking for anything to help me find hope again. it's so very hard to even explain what I feel. This is on a deep phyic level. A feeling of doom. it reminds me of when I was very young. ( I saw one of the first TV's in a store they were really funny then. Big radio with a very samll screen. I thought I was just seeing something that was not real. A picture of a man talking about the world coming to an end. I thought about what I would miss the most when this happened. it was the stars so I stayed up all night because I did think it was the last night of the world. This is very close to the same feeling last of whatever was. The journey of the soul has so many events to see beyond . Hope this is a great awakening

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Illuisons are life's little gifts. if you look at this picture all seems a blur, Life on the surface is a seemly dim vison of what we are truly seeking. Everything is reflected by this little bit of water.
yesterday was a very low day for me.I haven't had that low or mental hanger over for a long time. My God shot for the day was.( when I am troubled I go to the river that wonderful Columiba. I found a place to park where there were no other cars alone at last. it was really raining I looked up and here was this woman late 20's or early 30's standing in a rain brushing her teeth, she had six plastic storage containers , one she was putting food away in the others she was arranging what was inside, she then washed her hair with the rain water, then took a spray bottle from container sprayed and combed her hair. I just watched her.
She did not look like a bum or druggie. she then porceeded to put these storage bins on rakes like we take the trash can out with. she started to leave pushing one cart and pulling the other it was a struggle to move this stuff. She obusively still had pride in her appearance and had all her worldly goods
What my message was (and I think I have problems) Also why do we struggle so to haul around all this useless stuff.) God sends angels with messages and anyway we can see. I am so thankful for this great message.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Healing the Land

I'm sure Framers know this, but was new and interesting fact for me. When land is in need
plant pumpkins to restore. It will even absolve poison. I'm thinking I wish we could plant pumkins all over the earth right now. Tomorrow's Election I believe will determine if this earth will start to heal.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Healing through Time.

Tonight I am writing about an old wound. Resently my Great Grandson was taken to the hosiptal. He is only 5 months old. Very long night for me. This event triggered something very long ago in my past. When I was six years old, my mother went into labor and sent me for the midwife. The neighbor's kids scared me as they always blocked my way and made fun of me.
Big hurtle had to get passed them to save Mom. I just stood and cried when they wouldn't let me pass. Their mother came out and I told her what was happening, she then helped me to get the midwife. I felt like this little Baby became mine. My sister Barbara Jean. I helped my oldest brother Fred bury the afterbirth. I loved this baby so much. She only lived 18 months. When she died I felt pain like I had never felt, that was the first time can remember I wanted anything to take the pain away.That is also when I decided that loving comlpetly was to painful to ever invest in again. When we went to her funeral I kissed her liitle head in the coffin. also sometihing I will never forget.
The healing of this story is with time ( we do recover and though it may take almost a lifetime) we do get to see that wounds heal and it is safe to love totally again.