Monday, August 17, 2009

My Place.

This is my place, I cannot tell you how many hours
I've spent just sitting looking and feeling. We all
have things that sometimes are just to much to deal with and A quiet place is hard to find at least for me it is. I just drew a card for today and I love it
INVENTION Sometimes life gives you lemons. But not to worry. your creativity guides are on hand helping your lemons into lemonade. No matter who you are or what circumstances you've inherited life is always a blend of both positive and and the negative.
This is not to deny the pain in your life, but to use it as an incentive to move to higher ground. Allow your guides to serve you, They have plenty to share. so remember when you get lemons make lemonade.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dissatisfaction, Seeking,Searching.
Sooner or later in our process each of us begins to realize that's it's not the having that fulfills our soul, but rather it's the act of creating that brings us satisfaction.
Although there's a lot to be said for enjoying what we have now, we must nevertheless respect the fact that our basic nature as creative beings is .. to create. Without the process, we can't be fully content--at least not for long Message
See your frustrations as a longing to learn more,expand more, dare more, and create more. Happy Creating

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I love the dophlins, I so wish we as humans could learn from these beautiful creatures. The beauty and harmony they make as one. yet I don't think either believe they are less because One is leading.
One of my greatest sorrows is people's lack of caring and compassion for another. It seems to be the new deal.(its all about me) don't you know I'm the most important. I see so much pain and suffering through self centeredness. I make it a mission everyday to hope that one person feels loved and cared about because I listened to there pain. Caring and supporting is all we really are here for anyway. please think before you hurt a very vulnerable human being. Makes Good grace to care

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who goes my garden grow.

This is the results of my hanging garden. It really is a lot of fun to watch your garden grow. The being's of a plant growning remind my of people. I watched my Great Grandson from the moment he was 5 minutes old. He was born eyes wide open just looking around. He is a wonderful child, he learns very quickly. I see him at least once a week and am always amazed at what happens in one week. he is my garden of life.

Monday, August 3, 2009


The family is the make up of who we are.
This was many years ago. but I some times
see them just at this age. The longing for the days of this unit. My striving to keep the balance
so each one would know just how special they are to me. oh remember the days of our young. Time
flies by so quickly , but the mind is always in the present. love just family